The 80s and 90s Cricket Show: the podcast that revisits the bad old days

If you want to relive the trauma of England’s worst years, you’ll enjoy The 80s and 90s Cricket Show

A new podcast about English cricket in the 1980s and 1990s? Yes, nice one, any other childhood traumas you’d like to talk about? Here’s the thing: despite being probably the worst period in England’s Test history, the end of the 20th century provides the richest nostalgia for cricket fans. There are plenty of reasons for that: the characters, the stories, the occasional glory and the frequent farce. We decided it was time to revisit the bad old days and bathe in an era when England had four captains in one series, Ian Botham held the front and back pages and ice baths were for the (very occasional) victory champagne.

The podcast is hosted by Guardian regular Gary Naylor and his guests include those who were on the field, in the pressbox or in their bedrooms, wondering why they were so smitten with a team that kept getting hammered. The list includes Graham Gooch, Derek Pringle, Mike Selvey, Chris Broad, Pat Murphy, Peter Hayter, Simon Wilde and Emma John. Episodes come out on Mondays and you can subscribe in the usual places – Apple Podcasts, Acast and Spotify – as well as following on Twitter. Here are a few details of the first five episodes.

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