England v New Zealand: second Test, day two – live!

17th over: New Zealand 52-1 (Conway 35, Young 7) This has been a good start from England and as happened yesterday, the ball is moving more now than it did first up. Anderson slings down another maiden and pressure is building.

“Could it be that Broad works himself up so much on purpose, to give him more fire in the belly, pace in the action and cunning in the mind?” wonders John Starbuck? “I don’t think Joe Root told him to ‘Leave it Stuey’ did he? So he might recognise this condition too. Umpires, now, they do need to be tolerant of a certain amount of emotion.”

17th over: New Zealand 52-1 (Conway 35, Young 7) Oh dear. A fine delivery from Stone, jagging back, persuades Young to edge – he more or less holds the bat waiting for it to clip the shoulder – and the ball flies straight to Root at one. He eases right at the bowler’s arm goes up, fumbles, cradles it on the second attempt, lets it slip, then misses it a third time. It’s kind of funny, but in the back of the mind lurks the disappointment that it wasn’t Broad bowling. Maiden.

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