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I don’t expect thecountry diary to be all Fotherington-Tomas-like. But last Friday’s was a horror story for an arachnophobe like me. The final paragraph, superbly written (unfortunately), was shocking. Never before have I felt sorry for a woodlouse. If you are going to spring this kind of thing on us, please put a warning at the top.
Bev Littlewood
Richmond, London

• While I do not support Extinction Rebellion’s blockade of newspapers, I do take issue with the defence of the “free press” as a bastion of democracy (Extinction Rebellion calls move to class it as organised crime group ‘ridiculous’, 6 Sepember). The newspapers involved are controlled by a few rich individuals, who use their power to support their own political agenda. In no honest sense of the word are they free.
Nick Donnelly
Winterborne Clenston, Dorset

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