Right as rain! 10 ways to boost your mood on grey, wet or cold days

After a disappointing British summer, many of us won’t be looking forward to autumn and winter. But there are many ways to keep your spirits high in the bleaker seasons

If you have ever spent summer in the UK, you will know that there is often little to distinguish the season from any other wet, miserable time of year. Nonetheless, many of us cling to the idea that we are in for endless days of sunshine and cheerfulness – so, when the season draws to a close, having been a washout, it can feel disappointing.

“We have expectations of how things are supposed to be or how we’d imagined them – and invariably it’s not the way we envisaged,” says Rakhi Chand, a psychotherapist. It can be challenging to let this go. As the climate crisis worsens, we should expect our summers to become more extreme, in terms of temperature and rainfall.

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