G7 live news: Johnson rejects claim offer of 100m Covid vaccine doses to poorer countries is too little

Latest updates: PM defends UK offer of surplus Covid jabs to poorer nations; post-Covid reconstruction on the agenda as G7 leaders meet in Cornwall

This is from Oxfam, which is urging other G7 countries to join the US and France in backing a temporary waiver of intellectual property rights for Covid vaccines.

.@POTUS and @EmmanuelMacron support the waiver of vaccine patents, why don’t @BorisJohnson and other #G7 Leaders? We're here to say people must come before pharma profits.

Vaccine recipes must be shared to increase supplies and vaccinate the world

We need a #PeoplesVaccine

Emmanuel Macron, the French president, has tweeted a picture of the EU pre-summit caucus. He is stressing European unity.

Comme toujours, une même union, une même détermination à agir, un même enthousiasme ! Le G7 peut commencer.

Note that @EmmanuelMacron wants us to see that the five EU leaders are a caucus, here in Cornwall. @BorisJohnson will struggle to prevent them raising what they see as his planned breach of the Northern Ireland protocol. He is still under Brexit’s long shadow

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