Covid live: India reports 6,148 deaths after toll revised up; call for ‘complete access’ for pandemic origins analysts

Indian state of Bihar revises total Covid deaths up by 4,000; Ursula von der Leyen says investigators need full access to find source of pandemic

The United States will not seek favours in exchange for some 500 million Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines that it is donating to the 100 lowest income countries, a senior Biden administration official said on Thursday.

The US will pay Pfizer about $3.5 billion for the doses and the contract will be finalised in coming weeks, the official said.

We really want underscore that this is fundamentally about a singular objective of saving lives.

The United States is not seeking favours in exchange for these doses, we are not making demands. We are not imposing conditions, political or economic or otherwise on countries for receiving these doses.

Just a reminder that my collegue Andrew Sparrow is covering UK Covid news today.

Today his liveblog is dominated by health secretary Matt Hancock appearing before a committee of MPs in parliament answering questions about the UK’s handling of the pandemic.

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