Australia news live: Morrison says he will welcome back Christian Porter and 'rule of law' must prevail

Pressure mounts for inquiry into historical rape allegation made against attorney general as PM says there’s ‘no suggestion’ Porter will step down. Follow latest updates

The ABC is reporting teenager has died in hospital a week after he was stung by a box jellyfish.

This occurred at a beach on Western Cape York in far north Queensland.

Qld Box Jellyfish Death
A 17yo boy has died in hospital a week after being stung by a box jellyfish while swimming at a beach on Western Cape York, in the first recorded box jellyfish fatality since 2006.
The boy was stung while swimming at Patterson Point, near Bamaga Feb22

The NSW health minister has given an update on the male baboon that spectacularly escaped into a Syndey hospital carpark around this time last year. (I refer to the baboon era of Australia news as the “before times”.)

Hazzard says he “is very happy and he is doing well”.

"He is very happy and he is doing well." - NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard gives an estimates update on the baboon who escaped RPA a year ago. CC: @rachelclun

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