Australia Covid live update: Victoria records 26 new cases and Queensland zero, as SA braces for more infections

Queensland to close border to all of NSW as it eases restrictions from 6pm Friday; 24 of 26 new cases in Victoria have been in isolation through infectious period. Follow all the latest news


I’m positive that the people in the border zone are fully aware of the types of things that it would be sensible for them to continue to cross the border and the things that.

While New South Wales gets out of control, and we can be sure that we won’t have risk of spray coming into Queensland from parts of New South Wales, so that is really important.

Here is the Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young:

Very good news that we have no new community acquire cases.

We didn’t have any yesterday or today, which means that our contact traces have had the opportunity to really get in there and find all of the close contacts of our most recent cases and have them all now in quarantine, so should any of them become positive which is still possible for the 14 days of course, they’re already isolated.

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