Australia Covid live news update: NSW to end hotel quarantine; Victoria to receive NSW travellers as state records 2,179 cases

NSW to end hotel quarantine, open international travel from 1 November; Victoria to receive NSW travellers as state records 2,179 local cases and six deaths; NSW records 399 local cases and four deaths; nine-week ACT lockdown lifts; travel between greater Sydney and regional NSW delayed until November – follow the latest news

Rural Liberals are backing a move towards a net-zero emissions target despite warnings from some within the federal Nationals that regional Australia would “pay the cost” of decarbonising the economy.

The shifting support for the target – including from conservatives who have previously railed against emissions reduction policies – comes as a new report reiterates that Australia ranks among the worst performers in the G20 in addressing the climate crisis.

You expelled Adem Somyurek for branch-stacking, and Anthony Byrne admitted to doing the same thing, why won’t you expel him?

Let’s be very clear. The allegations against Adem Somyurek were of a very different nature and went to behaviour and an attempt in his own words to essentially control the Victorian branch.

But Anthony Byrne’s breached rules by branch-stacking. So on that basis, why ...

That is a matter for ...

No, this is a matter for the Labor party, separate to what Ibac does, he’s breached party rules, you are the leader, what action will you take against him?

Well, we’ll wait for the Ibac processes ...

I’m talking about Anthony Byrne.

I know what you are talking about. From time to time there are breaches of party rules and the processes kick in to deal with that. But while Ibac is undertaking these investigations, it’s important that they be allowed to take their course.

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