North Korea pushing ‘full steam ahead’ with nuclear program, IAEA chief warns member states

The United Nations atomic watchdog has warned that North Korea’s nuclear program is progressing “ful...

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I'm a Texas abortion provider. My work serves the community.

Navigating care for pregnancy and abortion in Texas is impossible.

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Rapper SpotemGottem wounded in drive-by shooting in Miami

Florida rapper SpotemGottem was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Miami, where his car was struck wi...

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Resistance to vaccines, lack of collective response to pandemic shows liberalism ‘going totally wrong’ – Slavoj Zizek to RT

The growing inability to take collective action on pressing issues such as climate change and the Co...

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European shares tumble as Evergrande crisis and energy price surge hits markets – business live

Energy price crisis and worries over contagion from China’s Evergrande property giant have hit the m...

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32 teens injured in Pennsylvania bus crash after leaving church retreat

A bus full of young church volunteers veered off a highway ramp in Pennsylvania on Sunday afternoon,...

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Dow futures drop more than 600 points amid September sell-off

September, especially the second half of the month, is historically a tough time for stocks, and thi...

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Alabama population on course to shrink for first time ever as Covid takes toll

State’s chief medical officer says ‘Our state literally shrunk in 2020’ as deaths exceeded birthsUS...

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Covid live: Pfizer vaccine safe for children aged 5-11, company says; UK PM says boosters ‘priority’ over donations

Pfizer says their vaccine produces strong antibody responses in children aged 5 to 11; Boris Johnson...

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California wildfires: weather conditions worsen threat to giant sequoia trees

Hot and dry weather extends threat of rapid spread as firefighters seek to protect celebrated treesH...

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Lyon show PSG they will not have it all their way in Ligue 1 this season

Lionel Messi was meant to be the star of the show on his home debut but Lyon had no intention of pla...

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Hasan Minhaj Credits ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘Patriot Act’ for Making ‘The Morning Show’ Easy

"It was a no brainer. I could do all of my takes in one take, which is really lovely."

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Residents of Del Rio Feel the Impact of the Migrant Crisis

The influx of thousands of migrants has led to squalor under a bridge, and a dispirited town beyond...

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James Rodríguez in Qatar for possible move away from Everton

Colombian has not played in Premier League this seasonRodríguez out of favour with new manager Rafae...

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Canada’s Election: What to Know

Will Justin Trudeau remain the prime minister? A month ago, it might have looked like a sure thing.

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